The Starship Technology Development Laboratory

We deliver innovative technologies since stardate 47634.44 to bring your project at warp speed.

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Away Team & Consulting

Order a qualified web developer to bring more man power to your away team and meet those deadlines. We offer consulting, support and freelance work.

Advanced Warp Technologies for your Ship

We build technology which will increase your efficiency and bring your project at warp speed. Free, OpenSource and made for software developers by software developers.

Services for your Project

Conception. Development. Hosting. Support. Consulting. DevOps. Ruby/Rails. JavaScript. Vue. GraphQL. And much more.

Interstellar Projects

Discover our amazing projects from the future.

  • Vuex-ORM-Graphql

    Vuex-ORM-GraphQL enhances Vuex-ORM to let you sync your Vuex state via the Vuex-ORM models with your server via a GraphQL API.

  • Habitie

    The next generation goal and habit tracker that will rock your life with amazing features to keep you motivated.

Subspace Transmitter

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